About us and the services we provide

 Expert Analysis 

  •  Insurance Claims evaluation by our public adjuster with years of experience and training to prove and maximize your claim 

 Strategic Planning 

  •  Crafting a thorough plan to mediate with your insurance company for a more equitable settlement of your claim 

 Claims Management

  •  Minimizing your risks with the contractors and insurer by putting you on equal footing through expertise  

 We help to get the maximum amount that you, the policyholder, are entitled to

 We offer a range of consulting services  designed to help you reach your goal of having your insurance pay for  all the damage done to your residential or commercial property.  Whether  you need to correct a few things that have been overlooked or a  complete overhaul of the claim, we have you covered,.  Our services are  available to get you precisely what you need. 


We  recognize that each claim is unique.  We will deliver a custom solution  tailored to you, your project, and your one-of-a-kind challenge.

You  do not have to do this alone.  We will step into our role as your  advocate and take the lead role in dealing with the insurance company  for you.