The Owner's Advocate 

 The Owner's Advocate 

What is a PUblic Adjuster?


     Public Adjusters help you, the policyholder, achieve the most favorable insurance claim settlement possible.  Our services help to ensure that you can recover your losses as fully as possible.

 A  Public Adjuster is a professional claims adjuster who advocates for  you, the policyholder, in appraising and negotiating your insurance  claim.  Public Adjusters work on your behalf to ensure that you receive  the maximum settlement from your insurance claim.  There is no  relationship between a Public Adjuster and an insurance company.

      The process begins with a detailed review of the damage that has  occurred and a thorough review of your insurance policy.  When  necessary, a Public Adjuster will consult with other professionals to  thoroughly evaluate the repairs required.  When this process has been  completed, the Public Adjuster will enter into negotiations with your  insurance company so that you do not have to.

      Public Adjusters are neutral third parties who go to great lengths to  ensure that all damage has been properly identified and that all  estimates for repairs are accurate, thorough, and based on actual market  rates for the materials and professionals  required to restore your  property in full.  There are often hidden damages that can be missed by  insurance company adjusters and insurance companies will often work with  outdated price sheets for labor and material.  It is important to  remember that Insurance Company Adjusters represent the insurance  company, not you.

      Obtaining the services of a Public Adjuster will have no impact on your  insurance policy or your relationship with your insurance company. 

      If you have already received a settlement from your insurance company,  it may not be too late to correct any discrepancies you may have  encountered.  A Public Adjuster can refile the claim for you to seek the  additional funds that are owed to you even after your claim has been  paid.

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